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Founded in 1938 in Mexico City, Grupo Textil 2000 started its long journey with the inauguration of our flagship store Dos Mundos, currently located in Mexico City's Historic Center.


Since its inception, and under the great motivator to offer the best quality at the best price to ensure our clients' success, Grupo Textil 2000 commenced its decades long journey into actuality.


We are continuously proud of our team of talented individuals that strive to help clients and satisfy their needs. Grupo Textil 2000 has since become one of Mexico's most recognized Textile wholesaler and strives to deliver the same quality and service to clients all over the world.

Our History

To contribute to the success of our customers by providing them with the widest range of textile products, advisory and financing at their place of business in the shortest possible time.

To guarantee our customers the continued operation of the company, through the proper safeguarding of the assets and securities owned by our company, and recovering in a timely manner the credits granted to customers.

Our Mission

Our essence is who we are, it is our soul.

Our essence tells us that:

Our life is our work.
Our work is our life.
Work drives away death.

Our essence tells us that the most sacred is our company. The company is the present and future patrimony of its members and their families. Our company means life, freedom and the opportunity for happiness. Therefore, our company demands from us total unconditionality.

The lifeblood of the company is its customers and its members. Our commitment is to care for, nurture and defend the company even with our lives if necessary.

The company is and will be for eternity. Eternity will be achieved with an unwavering spirit of struggle, persistence, determination and the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Our essence demands that our company, like our families, be governed with absolute loyalty, honesty, respect and fairness to all and for all.

Our company will be a source of development and inspiration for its members and our country.

With faith in God and in ourselves, preserving and living our essence, our company will last until eternity and its members and their families will have full lives, full of joy and satisfaction.

Our Essence

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